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here comes the pain...

well, my surgery was sucssesful...of course. I'll run you through the details. First i went into the SDC room and undressed and put on a robe thing. It was so short that i think i must have flashed the nurses and parents many times. By the end of the day i really cared less who saw my package. So, i went into some waiting room and gt into a bed for prep stuff. They hooked an IV up to me and gave me some drugs to calm me and my heart rate. Then they rolled me into one of the operating rooms with all these lights looking down on me. Then i remember the anesthesiologist injecting the knock-out drug into me. I did the typical count down thing and woke up an hour in a half later in the recovery room. This nurse kept calling me john or james and i never told her my real name. Anyway, i kept asking her for more and more morphine. Then i was rolled into the recovery room and layed there for 7 hours until i could give a urine sample. I was there so long that they started turning lights off in the rooms, and there was only 2 nurses left. I threw up twice for all of you that like to hear that stuff. All yesterday and today i have been in great pain. I can't work my stomach muscles, so i am very limited to what i can do. There are a total of four cuts on my stomach and every one of them hurt like a motha! I walk very very slow and can't think very straight, but don't worry, i'll be back to my normal self in about a week. Groovy!
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